Carpathian Enduro Experience
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840 EUR/pers


  Beginner & Advanced


   7 days / 6 nights


  Piatra Craiului, Bucegi, Postavaru, Ciucas Mountains


  4-6 persons

Enjoy some of the best Enduro trails in Romania

Tour Highlights

// We ride for 6 days straight, no matter rain, sun or snow. The experience will be well worth the effort. Enduro is all about surfing the trails. As such, a shuttle will be assured every day to keep us flexible. But keep in mind that there will be some trails which will make you remember the meaning of the word – Push-Bike. For us, the flow is more important than the amount of sweat, physical endurance is not our purpose. Your only duty will be to ride.

// A professional photographer will take care of your memories.

// Difficulty: Athletic beginner / intermediate. Uphill mostly shuttle assisted. Some trails on this tour do require an high level of technical riding ability. Riders should be in good shape to properly enjoy the tour

// Tour customizable at any time. Special offers for teams, groups, associations and easy riding riders travel partners or custom 2 – 3 days tours. Please contact us for further information.

What You’ll Get

A Complete Package from Start to finish


  • 6 nights accommodation
  • 6 breakfasts (+1 dinner on camping night*)
  • Full suspension enduro bikes
  • Licensed Mountain Guide
  • Technical assistance
  • Shuttle
  • Transfer from and to airport
  • Photo session with professional photographer
  • Brasov City Tour with local guide
  • Peles Castle & Bran Castle entry tickets
  • Camp t-Shirt
  • Optional: 1 camping night

Not included

  • Flight tickets to and from Romania
  • Excess luggage fees (if any) 
  • Lunches and dinners
  • Medical insurance is mandatory
  • Alcoholic/ non-alcoholic beverages at lunch/dinner
  • Extras in hotel, laundry service
  • Bike & equipment rental
  • Tourist tax

What to Bring

  • Personal helmet and knee pads are mandatory. We also recommend a backpack with a back protection. Before departure, a list of necessary equipment and clothing will be sent to all participants
  • If you chose camp night, you need to provide your own sleeping bag;

Price per Person

840 EUR/pers (for group of 4-6 people)

Trip Information

Tip: If you have any food allergies/ intolerances, preferences or restrictions please let us know in advance;

Group size: maximum 6 persons;

Fitness level: Athletic beginner / intermediate. Uphill mostly shuttle assisted. Some trails on this tour do require an high level of technical riding ability

Accommodation: 6 nights accommodation in mountain chalets, 3/4 starsguest houses or hotels;

Payment: cash or bank transfer;

We kindly like to point out that rental bikes are not included in the guiding price and neither is the cable car fee, where it applies. All tours come with a nice free lunch, but no drinks. All of these are costs that need to be handled separately. Thank you!


Special offers for teams, groups, associations and easy riding riders travel partners or custom 2 – 3 days tours. Please contact us for further information.


Day 1 – Brasov

On day 1 we get to know each other. Our team will be waiting for you at the airport and will bring you to Brasov, our hometown. Andreea Herteanu, our local guide will show you the city and then help you find the best places to eat. In the evening we will have a drink and discuss the itineraries for the next days. Finally, time for a good night’s rest to prepare us for the first day of riding.

Day 2 – Ciucas Mountains                

Starting at the base of the mountain, we will make our way up the mountain side for at least three runs. The Ciucas Mtns. were part of the National Enduro Championship, so show us what you got on these technical trails, rider. Their unique conglomerate formations and mystic landscape will hopefully give us enough energy to go for a full day of riding. If not, the shepherd dogs found at the nearby mountain lodges, surely will. 

Day 3 – Piatra Mare Mountains           

We grew up with this mountain. Lines for everybody and full of opportunities: rock climbing, mtb enduro, canyoning, freeride snowboarding and skiing. This ride will offer a great view of Brasov far away in the distance as well as the surrounding mountains and landscape. Depending on the general condition of the group we can do 2 different runs.

Day 4 – Sinaia Bike Park and Freeride Trails

A day consisting of approximately 2200 m negative elevation. We will combine both artificial elements and authentic freeride areas. 3 short runs will warm us up. The rest of the day we will ride down from 2000 m ALT al the way down to Sinaia city and a glorious day ending with a bonfire and camping underneath a magnificent night sky. Our very own astronomy-expert will be eager to share his wisdom about the stars.The night in the camping is optional.     

Day 5 –  Bucegi Mountains

A full day of enduro. The main access is by cable car, followed by a 1,5 hour hike on the Bucegi plateau at 2000 m ALT. We will pass by Omu Peak (2505 m), the highest point in the Bucegi Mountains, enjoying the view and preparing for the 12 km of downhill ride. But remember, you will experience everything that this mountain has to offer: steep valleys, single trails, spruce forests, rock gardens, roots, speed lines, and so on. This day will train your balance more than any other. Optional tour: we will visit one of the most legendary castles in the world: The Bran Castle, said to be the residence of Dracula (10 EUR)

Day 6 –  Postavaru Mountains

The mountain in our backyard, it’s hard not to get emotional. During wintertime, it welcomes us to go snowboard and skiing. In summer, it opens up its trails for our mountain bikes. After 4 days of intense riding we will try to find the perfect path to burn even the last drop of fuel. There are approximately 10 different trails, all with cable car or shuttle access. A whole day of downhill, which will end with a cold beer (or a cold ice cream if you prefer) in the city center.

Day 7 –  Departure Day

For a more dynamic and educative ride to the airport, we will stop for a visit to the Peles Castle. We passed by it on Day 3, but this time we can enter and check out the inside, without wearing helmets and muddy boots this time. Nestled at the foot of the Bucegi Mountains, in the picturesque town of Sinaia, Peles Castle is a masterpiece of German new-Renaissance architecture, considered by many one of the most stunning castles in Europe.

Backup stage 

Even if we figured the perfect plan for you, we cannot predict weather, so this is our Plan B: Bike Park Cheile Gradistei. Although it’s a touristic complex, it has two challenging downhill and enduro trails and a stunning view towards the Bucegi Mtns. The shuttle will take us up, and the spa, wellness treatment and delicious food at Cheile Gradistei Resort will calm us back down.   

Meet your Guide

Marius Stratila

Marius Stratila

Mountain Guide & MIAS Mountain Bike Leader

Enduro biking and splitboarding are part of me, they define who I am. For me, they are more than just a way to escape crowded and overused resorts. They are a way to push limits and get out of the comfort zone, a way to explore and to discover.

That perfect mix of silence and grandeur that only a mountain can offer, the freedom to climb on your own, to define your route and follow it, the power to use your body strength to move forward and to enjoy downhill rides and fresh turns, no matter what season is out there – this is what defines me and what I want to share. The path is the same, only the texture is different.


What our happy adventurers have been saying about our tours

Ben Marciano on google6 months ago

(Translated by Google) A bomb of a place! Highly recommended for people who want to see the scenery and nature through the bike. Fun, professional, reliable and cheap. You can choose easy or complex routes and everything is courtesy and pleasant atmosphere. Thanks to Marius the guide who took care of us riding and was with us throughout!

Aroul Rosario on google8 months ago

Firstly .. I haven’t had any physical exercise in a year and I decided to do this suicidal adventure sport all of a sudden. Initially I felt bad and I thought I made a bad choice, but my guide understood my health and my physical conditions and made sure I was fine every five minutes. Also .. he didn’t give me the easiest route , he made sure it was tough and worthwhile my time.. a big thumbs up !!!!

Manuel Nothacker on google8 months ago

I had a fantastic time riding with Marius, it was exactly the experience i was looking for. We were riding very nice single trails all day in the fantastic environment of Postăvarul massif. Marius was a great, helpful guide, not only on the ride but he helped me with a ton of other information for my travels in Romania and Bulgaria. Also the bikes are high-end, much better than I expected. Highly recommended!

Shay Gur on google2 years ago

Marius is excellant rider and guide. He took us to beautiful trails and found great restaurants and services for us

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You are confident handling most types of trails and obstacles, including drops, logs, switchbacks, larger rock gardens and sustained technical singletrack. You ride at least 3 times a week and rarely get off and walk sections

You can tackle anything the trail throws at you and have experience of riding all types of trail and obstacles (large, loose rocks, roots, drop-offs, logs, north shore, steep chutes…). You ride 4+ times per week, in all weathers, and you’re happy to ride all day long, for several consecutive days

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