The Welsh in Brasov

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5 fine gentlemen from Wales just got the taste of Brașov and its surrounding mountains. Despite the fact that the weather was far from perfect, and Brexit closing in these guys chose wisely… namely:  splitboarding at Balea Lake and riding at dawn on Postavaru Massif.

The most difficult thing to do this winter in Brasov seems to be to find snow. Luckily we are surrounded by many mountains ranges like Fagaras, Bucegi, Piatra Craiului, Piatra Mare, and Postavaru so we were able to find some outdoor activities for our Welsh gents.


They asked for a unique experience in Romania so we took them to Fagaras Mountains at Balea Lake. At Balea Waterfall we left the car and geared up with splitboards and avalanche equipment. From there we got to the cable car up to Balea Lake, mounted the gear, and started splitboarding. Beside this, we spend some time with a short briefing about avalanche rescue technique. They’ve wanted to ride some more but unfortunately winter days are still short so we headed back to Brașov for a well-deserved dinner and some pints and laughs at the local pubs.

balea lake splitboarding is the best experience


On our second day together the Welsh guys would have liked some more outdoors adventures but unfortunately the unusually hot weather and high gusts of wind kept us in Brasov. Luckily Brasov is pretty versatile, besides a mountain getaway there are plenty other tourist attractions like museums, art galleries, historic buildings, restaurants, pubs, shopping malls and clubs for our guests to choose from. They’ve succeeded avoiding boredom for our break day.


postavaru massif brasov sunset in winter. on ski with the dog.

On the third day of the Welsh in Brasov, as the weather didn’t improve and having limited options for mountain activities, we decided to climb to Postavaru Massif at dusk. Climbing in Postavaru to catch the sunset is an experience you shouldn’t miss, a hidden gem during January and February as you can see in the video below. We climbed with the help of our climbing skins up to Postavaru hut on the Red Road route accompanied by wonderful Heidi, Elliott’s dog, which cheered us along. After enjoying the sunset show we rode back to Poiana Brasov at the headlamps’ light. Despite the meagre winter season here in Brasov we still enjoyed the ride proving that Brasov remains a top destination.

Dog with owner in snow riding happy powder ski snowboard off piste backcountry
Heidi and Elliot’s made it up to Postavaru Massif

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