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Ben Marciano on google11 months ago

(Translated by Google) A bomb of a place! Highly recommended for people who want to see the scenery and nature through the bike. Fun, professional, reliable and cheap. You can choose easy or complex routes and everything is courtesy and pleasant atmosphere. Thanks to Marius the guide who took care of us riding and was with us throughout!

Tom Castle on google11 months ago

One of the highlights of my time in Romania Andrei was a fantastic guide, super friendly, spoke excellent ebglish and was really passionate about sustainable tourism. He customised my ride based on my experience and I was grinning from ear to ear by the end.

Christine Rossberg on google1 year ago

We did two half day trips with Andrei. We haven’t been MTB for a while but were still keen on exploring Brasov’s single trails. Andrei was the perfect guide, giving advice and adapting unbelievably well to our skillset: so it was exciting without being too scary. Everything we`ve been looking for when deciding for a guided tour. Very fun and enjoyable experience!!

Galas Bertrand on google1 year ago

A great Week end ! It was amazing to go and discover Romanian mountains and Enduro / Mountain biking with Marius and Andrei.
Top quality equipment, which is really helpful…
Top advice from the guide during these 2 days !
We were a group of 5 with various Biking experience and levels and they manage to adapt and make sure everyone was happy !
Awesome guys !
The after bike was great as well, with a nice camping site and great mood around the fire camp ! And tasty Ciuperci cu branza !
Thumbs up and hats down ! Sure we will be back !

Jeremie Fould on google1 year ago

we spent 2 days with Marius and Andrei, going through crazy trails, learning how to jump, surrounded by unbelievable views, camping around the fire and riding awesome enduro bikes.. they adapted to our level, we took full advantage of the days, nobody got hurt and everybody came back with sparkles in their eyes hoping to go back soon!!
keep up the good work and see you again soon!

Tony Ragot on google1 year ago

We were a group of 5 and had a full week end tour. The MMBT team was great. Well organized, flexible and nice guys. The bikes are really good and we had fun during the days and the evening. Thanks again Marius and Andrei for those 2 days discovering the enduro and these mountains. Tony

Catalin Micky on google1 year ago

Very nice expierience, with an awsome tour guide. If you reach Brasov, you must take an e-bike and explore the beautifull mountains.

Armand-Ilarian Nestor on google1 year ago

Great experience ,Marius is an awesome guide,highly recomended

Aroul Rosario on google1 year ago

Firstly .. I haven’t had any physical exercise in a year and I decided to do this suicidal adventure sport all of a sudden. Initially I felt bad and I thought I made a bad choice, but my guide understood my health and my physical conditions and made sure I was fine every five minutes. Also .. he didn’t give me the easiest route , he made sure it was tough and worthwhile my time.. a big thumbs up !!!!

Raenato Thompson on google1 year ago

I had a really nice mountain biking experience with Massif. They were very friendly and accommodating. The tours are tailored to ypur.rideing level so everyone will get a tour that right for them. The bikes are really high quality and maintained. Can’t find one thing to complain about really. They speak English which might not seem like much but in a foreign country when u haven’t mastered the local language it really helps. I will be back for sure.

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Deții un mountainbike și îl foloseșți măcar odată pe luna. Îți place să pedalezi kilometrii mulți și ți-ai dori să experimentezi mai multe poteci single-track pentru a-ti crești nivelul de dat pe mountainbike.

Ești un mountain biker împătimit de cel puținîn 2 ani - în medie, în timpul sezonului, ieși cu bicicletă cel puțin odată pe săptămâna. Ești obișnuit cu diferitele tipuri de poteci singletrack

Ești un mountain biker experimentat, te simți confortabil pe majoritatea tipurilor de teren. În timpul sezonului ieși de cel puțin 2 ori pe săptămâna și îți plac zonele cu multe roci, pietre, rădăcini, poteci abrupte și chiar mici dropuri.

Ești încrezător pe orice tip de potecă și orice fel de obstacol incluzând: dropuri mari, switchbacks, rock gardens lungi și poteci single rack susținute și tehnice. Ieși de cel puțin 3 ori pe săptămâna și foarte rar te dai jos la secțiuni prea dificile.

Poți să te dai pe orice tip de potecă, orice grad de dificultate și poți trece peste orice obstacol. Ieși de cel puțin 4 ori pe săptămâna și pe orice tip de vreme. Nu te deranjează să te dai toată ziua, chiar pentru mai multe zile.

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