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postavarul massif mountain biking

Mountain Biking In Postavarul Bike Park? Here’s The Best Guide To Postavarul Massif

There’s no better place for networking with other mountain bikers than in Postavarul Massif – a hotspot for all of us looking to up our riding game and try the best trails in Romania.

But before you pack your bike, wouldn’t you rather have everything in order?

From where to spend the night to how to get on the best MTB trailheads, get ready to discover everything you need to know about Postavarul Massif and bike park right from your local mountain biking guides!

Let’s dive right in!

Bike park Postavarul

Postavarul Massif Bike Park

Postavarul Bike Park will be the highlight of your MTB trip to Brasov. Wood berms, tables, jumps, and a lot of features that’ll test your skills and challenge you to send lines you otherwise wouldn’t. Shoutout to the guys from @trail.bros and @elevationtrailworks for making it happen!

Like any bike park, you’ll be able to ride blue lines, red lines, and two black lines (no green line is yet available).

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Adults Kids
 Full day pass 160 Lei  110 Lei 
From 11 AM  140 Lei 
100 Lei 
From 1 PM  110 Lei 
80 Lei 
 From 2 PM 80 Lei 
 60 Lei
4 hrs from first entry   140 Lei 100 Lei 

These are all trails that should match everyone’s skillset, so don’t worry if you’re not fully prepared to take on a black line.

We recommend full-face helmets, knee guards, elbow guards, gloves, and even body armor for the more advanced black lines.

Postavarul Massif mountain bike park

Postavarul Massif MTB Trails

If you’re sick of bike parks and you’d rather ride some natural trails, we’ve got you covered there too!

One of the best mountain biking trails here in Postavarul is Crucur, leading you all the way to downtown Brasov. It’s a completely natural trail that mixes up rock gardens, roots, drops, jumps, switchbacks, and more to give you a full-on MTB experience.

There are lots of variations of Crucur, so you can ride it an entire day, and each ride will be different.

Some of our personal favorites are Crucur to Bazine, Crucur to Tobogane, and Crucur to Putreda.

To keep things real, we won’t translate the trail names, as you’ll find them in Romanian pretty much everywhere you look.

mountain bike trails on Postavarul Massif

How To Get There

If you’re going up to Postavarul by cable car, the trailhead will be right there at the top. If you want to pedal up, you can do so on Familiar (pretty easy with an eBike), or on Drumul Rosu (it’s a steep gravel road, perfect for cross-country endurance training). This way, access to Crucur is through the Ruia plateau.

To get to Postavarul Massif with your bike, catch the bus with a bike shuttle from “Livada Postei” bus station – it’s only 4 Lei (less than one euro).

If you want to ride some trails with less traffic but just as fun, come with us on a guided MTB tour! Everything will be tailored to your preferences so you can really get to see all of the hidden beauties around Postavarul Massif, and not only!

Where To Eat On Postavarul Massif

Say you’ve been riding the whole day, and you want to grab something to eat before heading back. Or maybe you just want to enjoy a cold beer in a place with a spectacular view.

Here are some of our favorite places to eat when up on Postavarul.

Postavarul Cabin
sursa: Postavarul Cabin - Julius Romer

Julius Römer Chalet or Postavarul Cabin

Julius Römer Chalet or Postavarul Cabin gets a lot of mountain bikers, so you’ll always feel welcome here. They serve a lot of traditional dishes, all made with natural ingredients they buy from locals. If you get here, you need to try their chocolate salami – just perfect after an exhausting day.

Yager Chalet

Yager Chalet is on the higher end of restaurants and hotels. This place has a 9.8 rating on Booking and for a good reason. If you’re a big spender and you want to indulge, this might be the perfect place to do so.

Yager Chalet on Postavarul Massif
sursa: Yager Chalet Hotel/Restaurant
Stana Turistica restaurant
sursa: Restaurantul Stana Turistica

Stana Turistica

Stana Turistica is another cool place to grab some food, but a little bit further away from the bike park. They serve some of the best traditional dishes you’ll ever eat in Brasov.

Where To Sleep On Postavarul Massif

If you’ve come to Brasov exclusively to ride as much as you can, Postavarul Cabin remains undefeated. It’s a relatively affordable place with plenty of room options to spend a night with your friends, your partner, or alone.

Note: You can also charge your eBike here! The charges are already there, so don’t bother bringing yours. It might be a little more crowded on the weekends, but you’ll definitely have plenty of room during the week. You can charge any Bosch, Shimano, Yamaha, and Brose.

But if you’ve come to visit and discover more of what Brasov has to offer, our best recommendation would be to choose a place within the city, as you have a wider variety of restaurants, bars, and activities to choose from.

Besides, Poiana Brasov is twice as expensive.

We’ve tried and tested lots of hotels, hostels, AirBnBs, and cabins in our guided tours, but two places always come out on top.

Split Crib is a budget-friendly place equipped with everything you’d need to spend a couple of nights in Brasov. It’s a 9.2 on Booking, so definitely worth a try.

Bike House is yet another cool place specifically designed for and by mountain bikers (hence its name). This place is a 9.1 on Booking and offers three traditionally-inspired rooms that are sure to complement your stay in Brasov.

Brasov from up on Tampa

Safety When Mountain Biking In Postavarul Massif

We want to mention just a couple of things when it comes to safety when mountain biking in Postavarul.

Even in the worst-case scenario, Brosov’s Hospital is well-equipped, safe, and reliable.

From a different standpoint, bikes are mostly safe at the hotel or Airbnb you choose to stay.

mountain biking in Postavarul Massif Bike Park
Postavarul Massif natural MTB trails

Going solo might not be ideal if you’ve never been to Postavarul Massif and want to truly give it all.

This is mainly because you simply don’t know all the trails, let alone the best ones for your skill set.

And while Brasov is one of the safest counties in Romania, it’s also a breeding ground for bears, so you’ll want some extra caution while on trails.

At Massif Experience, we’re giving you a personalized tour where everything is handled for you. From bike rentals to shuttles around Brasov, you’re all covered. You’ll go out with a local guide that knows the best spots on Postavarul – even those not mapped on Trailforks, Trailguide, AllTrails, or whatever app you’re using!

Take your mountain bike vacation on Postavarul to the next level and let a professional guide you through the best MTB trails you’ll ever ride in Romania!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We have several mountain bikes and eBikes that you can rent. However, we only rent equipment and bikes for our guided tours.

Of course! We’re doing individual mountain biking tours but also tours in groups. After trying multiple variations, we’ve discovered that a 4:1 ratio for riders and guides respectively is the best way to offer you a complete MTB experience.

Pretty much everywhere! We’ve even gone backcountry in Siberia a few years ago. Get in touch with us before your trip, tell us where do you want to go, and we’ll take care of everything from there. With that being said, you should know that the biggest mountain biking opportunities in Romania are around Brasov, namely Postavarul Massif, Bucegi Mtns, Piatra Craiului Massif, and the surrounding areas.

All our guides are officially certified guides, and constantly invest in annual training courses and First Aid courses. Their certifications are officially recognized by the Romanian Government and by MIAS. Guides outside of Romania are certified by the RMGA or by the UILMA.

Depending on our availability, we can do tours as long as 7 days. All you need to do is contact us a few months in advance and we’ll discuss what’s the best plan for you to truly discover Romania on a mountain bike.

More Details

First Stash of the Season

This article is all about the saying that the best times come when you least expect it!

It’s already a given that this winter season in Europe has been very tough on us, skiers, splitters, snowshoers, you name it…

You see, there is no better feeling, when winter arrives and good ole’ H20 starts acting up (molecularly OFC) and turns into snow. 

Chasing those forecasts early in the season and eyeing up a couple days of generous snowfall, in the hope of finding that blissful pow stash, is just like waiting for Santa on Christmas Eve.

Snowboard trails on top of Bucegi Mountains

Even though this year hasn’t had a lot of those yet, in the spirit of Eastern-Europe, we marched on and hoped for the best. And hallelujah, our prayers were finally heard!

Our plan was mostly to scout out some areas in the Bucegi Mtn. Range, hoping we might find a few decent spots to ride.

With a really good weather forecast, although really warm for this period, we hopped in our car and drove to Pestera. This spot makes for a very good backcountry home base, situated right in the heart of the beautiful Bucegi Mountains.

People going in the backcountry in Romania

Once we reached the cabin, right next to Baba Mare peak, our grins were up to our ears.

This small chimney like feature that went all the way down to Sugari valley seemed to have some beautiful snow, quite different than everything we’ve seen until then. After a very quick transition we just went for it.

A full foot of fun, sugary, light snow on top of a pretty firm base ment the best turns of the season until then. Since the area is pretty much untouched, and very diverse topographically, a constant assessment of the terrain is a must.

After, maybe 10 minutes of really fun turns + eyeing out some sneaky little terrain traps, we reached Sugari valley, in the most beautiful blue bird sky one could hope for.

Needless to say we were keen to give it at least another go so we rode all the way down to Pestera cable car.

That’s when we realised the jackpot we hit that day. Not only that the snowpack was super shallow on very other side of the mountain but it also looked like very heavy, wet snow.

Round 2 - Babele

Back up to Babele, skinned up to our initial spot and started brainstorming some alternatives, no point in going in the backcountry without exploring a little bit.

Very close to our previous line, on a much wider slope, we, surprisingly, found snow just as nice as before.

Because of the smoother, larger face, with little to any terrain traps, we just shredded all the way down, making it as flowy as humanly possible!

At the bottom we turned our skies and splitboards upside down and had a downright feast. Snacks, sandwiches, cookies, hard liqueur in a tooth-paste like tube (don’t ask…), nothing was sparred.

Our gigantic intake of calories proved essential since it was past 3 pm and there was no point in riding to the cable car again because it was closed by then.

So we finally reached our actual skinning/physical effort portion of our story.

Group of people in Romania's backcountry
Snowboarder drinking tea in Bucegi Mountains

Round 3

Since it really was winter, although it felt like spring, we decided that our max time before we’d turn around would be 4:30 pm. With that in mind, we eyed up this beautiful, technical looking line that led to this spicy little couloir, right on the left side of our 1st descent.

Heea led the group with great ease through the tricky terrain.

The thing about going uphill 1st is that, one, you have to break tracks, which means significantly more effort than following afterwards. And secondly, you have to have a keen eye for the way the slope flows and figure out which is the safest and, also, easiest way up.

To our surprise, after just 75 minutes we got to our last transition of the day. Off we went, through this narrow and short couloir BUT packing the deepest snow of the day!

Then it was a real feat of reading out the slope, that took the efforts of all three, to find the best and safest line down. A few nice jumps, some lovely flowy turns through everything from small gullies, bushes and pillows and back we were, to our homebase for the day.

After some well deserved selfies and a dozen very excited fist bumps (hugs also happened) it was time to ride back to Pestera.

To top off this rad 1st season pow stash infused blue bird day, we rode all the way down to the car with the most beautiful pinkish, fiery, sunset known to man!

Get in touch with us for more info about our Massif range of tours.

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