What You Need To Know To Backcountry In Romania

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The Carpathian Mountains have long been one of Romania’s most famous tourist destinations because of their various landscapes, natural parks, wildlife, and medieval castles.

Luckily for you, the Carpathians are still an underdog when it comes to backcountry, which means remote places and few people.

Say what you want, but these two combined make a one-of-a-kind backcountry experience.

But before you pack your stuff, wouldn’t you rather know what you’re up against?

Someone snowboarding through fresh pow in backcountry Romania

Why Backcountry In Romania?

Here’s why…

You’ve probably already tried backcountry in most of Europe, and you’re looking for something different. Something more exotic.

While the Transilvanian Alps barely reach 2500m (8202 feet), they spread over 250 km (155 miles). Because backcountry is less about climbing and more about going from point A to point B in unconventional ways, they’re ideal for any backcountry trip, no matter your skill set.

But there’s more:

And let’s make a strong point out of the following argument.

Romania is less crowded than other countries! You can find fresh pow, and you won’t have to worry about snowmobiles or crowds of people ruining all your fun. In short, you’ll get a much more authentic backcountry experience!


From a safety standpoint, you have nothing to worry about if you want to backcountry in Romania. According to Numbeo, the crime index in Romania is 32.11 out of 100.

Hiker going up in the Transilvanian Alps

Travel Safety

If you’re flying to Bucharest, catching a train, bus, or private shuttle to one of our mountain resorts near Brașov should be easy.

If you’re flying to Cluj or Sibiu, getting to the best places to start your backcountry trip is a bit more difficult but doable.

Public transport is relatively safe and reliable, but you’re better off renting a car.

Traveling from your accommodation to the base of the mountain is also more difficult, which is why we always recommend our customers to look for AirBnB’s or hotels close to the mountain.

Talking about mountain resorts, we recommend Poiana Brașov, Postăvaru, and Sinaia if you want to backcountry in Romania and enjoy the experience to the max.

Hiker doing a backcountry tour in Romania with skiis

Mountain Safety

Compared to Bulgaria or Georgia, which are hotspots for backcountry tours, all the mountain ranges in Romania are protected and supervised by Mountain Rescue.

No matter where you are, you can call our national emergency number – 112 – and ask for help.

Indeed, avalanche risk is high, just like in any other place. These are natural events, and you always need to be prepared.


The Carpathian Mountains get twice as many tourists as the Romanian seaside, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise the fact that there are over 2.000 hotels and AirBnBs spread across all mountain ranges.

Besides being accessible, you’ll enjoy competitive and reasonable prices.

If you feel a bit more adventurous and want to get out of your comfort zone and spend the night in the mountains, you can choose to spend the night in a mountain shelter. These are equipped with firewood and a fireplace to warm up most of the time. We often use these with customers that want a truly remote backcountry experience.

As we mentioned above, public transport is decent and available in most places, but we have to admit catching an Uber or a private shuttle is much more convenient.

How To Prepare For A Backcountry Trip In Romania

First things first, check the National Meteorological Administration website for stats like weather, wind, avalanche risks, snow depth, and more.

For weather, we’re also using Meteo Plus, Windy.com, and other similar apps to fully understand the weather before we start any trip.

A hiker in the backcountry with skiis

What Do You Need In Terms Of Equipment

No matter if you want to snowboard or ski in Romania, finding rental backcountry equipment is relatively difficult, so we recommend having your own. Having your own boots is advised as you’re more accustomed to them.

Here at Massif Experience, we offer an avalanche kit for free, and you can rent from us skis or splitboards for your backcountry tour. Here’s everything you can rent from us in the winter.

Some shuttle agencies carry ski equipment free of charge, while others do it for a small fee.

You shouldn’t have any problem with an airbag like a Pieps JetForce, even as a carry-on. Worst case scenario, you’ll be asked to take it as a checked-in bag.

Get the clothes you’re using for skiing or snowboarding, a helmet, and a sleeping bag (especially if you sleep in a cabin). This is not just to keep you warm but because some cabins may not always be spotless.

A headlight (or head torch) is great for tours that end later than expected.

A snowboarder with a yellow jacket and blue pants going down the mountain

Other Things

Medical insurance is, without a doubt, mandatory. Although Romania offers medical assistance in emergencies, you’ll want medical insurance if you want to be taken care of in a private medical institute.

You can pay cash and card in most places in Romania, but as you climb higher on the mountain, you’d rather have more cash.

Most mountain resorts will have cable cars, but they’re not always working. One way to make sure they do is to check various Facebook groups where people share this kind of information.

Ski passes are indeed pricy, especially in popular resorts like Sinaia. There are places where the price is more reasonable, but the snow and the slopes simply aren’t that good.

Getting A Backcountry Tour With A Guide

If you’ve decided to go backcountry in Romania with a guide, make sure they have a license. More than that, you’ll want to check the other courses and events they have organized.

Steer clear from guides that don’t work with any paperwork. No paperwork means they’re not responsible for anything and won’t be held accountable if things take an unfortunate turn.

On the other hand, working with licensed and legitimate guides ensures that the insurance company will pay for everything in the worst-case scenario.

Check reviews and do some research before you choose a guide or a tour company. You can even ask locals if they know a certified and licensed guide.

Think of it as going to the dentist. Would you rather go to someone that’s been studying and practicing this all his life or to someone that’s doing it as a hobby?

How Massif Experience Can Help You Get The Best Backcountry Tour

Let’s be real, taking a backcountry trip alone in a country you’ve never been to is a terrible idea. And, as we just said, working with a sketchy guide can turn out even worse.

At Massif Experience, we have a lifetime of experience up on the mountains. We’re not just familiar with our sweet Transilvanian Alps, but we know them by heart.

We’re certified and licensed guides that are all in to give you a personalized backcountry trip that you’ll remember. We take your skill set and experience into account and come up with a great plan that’ll test your limits and fill your photo gallery!

So, Are You Coming?

Backcountry is rapidly gaining popularity among adventure enthusiasts.

But when skiing in the resorts is expanding to the off-piste areas, and tourists start populating even what was considered remote, finding a worthy destination for your backcountry trip will be challenging.

Romania is still one of those places that doesn’t get the attention it deserves.

Use that to your advantage!

If you want to backcountry in Romania or find out more, get in touch with us! We’ll answer any of your questions and give you all the insights you need to make your backcountry trip truly memorable!

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve come to the conclusion that for every 4 people you need one guide. This ensures everyone is enjoying the experience to the max and no one is left behind. Safety on the mountain remains a top priority. The maximum number of people in a group is 4.
Of course! We’re doing individual backcountry tours and in groups no larger than 4.
We’ll take you in the backcountry, where very few people get. Our headquarters is in Brașov, close to every highlight of the Transilvanian Alps. We’ll plan the trip together, according to your skill set and endurance level. Expect to see Bucegi Mountains, Făgăraș Mountains, Bălea Lac, and more!

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