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Join us exploring the Carpathians!
On the mountains surrounding Brasov City, come check out the best riding, no matter the season!

Why Massif Experience?

In summer, take our Enduro bikes out for a spin through the forests, single tracks, and wide, open areas revealing the breathtaking views of the surrounding valleys, mountains in the heart of Romania. Pedal all the way up, take a shuttle or, for some new experiences, hire our E-bikes and go on an electric assisted experience on a guided tour with us.

In winter, hit up the mountain tops and go snowboarding, accompanied by certified instructors. Or go on an adventure splitboard touring. Single or multi-day, get ready for some off-piste boarding. Push up to the top and then hit the gnarlies lines, powder-surfing the fresh snow.


Are your tours only available to spliboarders or are skiers welcome as well?

As professional guides, we see no difference between the two. We often take mixed groups – our guiding packages are designed to suit everyone’s needs. 

What is the number of participants you can form a guided tour with in winter?

We aim to have a guide for every 4 participants and always focus on having the group remain homogeneous. The reason why we only allow so few participants per guide is simple to understand: Safety must always take priority when engaging in any mountain sports.

Can I join your tours if I am solo?

Of course! You don’t need a group to come ride with us. We often take on single persons guided tours. We like to offer our full attention to every member of our group, a smaller number of participants will deliver a Massif Experience! Depending on your preferences, we can also add you to a preformed group.

 What is the mandatory equipment during winter tours?

An avalanche kit and a ski or snowboard helmet are mandatory. If you do not own a personal avalanche kit we can provide one for you, if available, free of charge: Probe + Shovel + Beacon.

Where do your winter activities take place?

Our guided tours and splitboarding courses are held in the mountains surrounding Brașov, in some of our favorite spots: from the Bucegi Mountains to Făgăraș, from Ciucaș to Piatra Mare, and from Sinaia all the way up to Bâlea lac.

Covid-19 Update – What are the conditions for a return on the initial deposit?

The full amount is returned in cases when, due to the pandemic or the presence of symptoms specific to the virus, the participant can no longer attend the planned outdoor activity with us.

Who are the guides?

We only work with local, experienced guides with extensive knowledge of the area where our activities take place. We have guides available for both Romanian tours and for tours that take place in Bulgaria, Georgia, Russia, and Turkey.

Do you work with professional guides?

All our guides are officially certified guides,  and constantly invest in annual training courses and First Aid courses. Their certifications are officially recognized by the Romanian Government and by MIAS. Guides outside of Romania are certified by the RMGA or by the UILMA.

What skis will I need to have for your tours?

Do you rent skis? Yes, we do rent ski equipment and skis. Please visit the “Rental” tab for detailed information. If you already have the necessary equipment, you will need touring skis, skins, alpine touring ski boots, and telescopic ski poles. 

What splitboard will I need to have for your tours? Do you rent splitboards?

Yes, we do rent splitboarding equipment and splitboards. Please visit the “Rental” tab for detailed information. If you already have the necessary equipment, you will need a splitboard, splitboard skins, boots, and telescopic ski poles.

Do you offer receipts for your services? How can I pay for your services?

We provide an invoice and a receipt for every single tour or tour package. Both the initial deposit and the final payment can be paid for with cash or through the payment link generated by the invoice.

How long in advance can I book a tour?

Depending on the availability of guides or instructors, tours can be booked in advance, and even one day prior to the event’s date. Contact us and we will gladly answer all your questions as soon as possible.

How can I book one of your tours or courses?

You can book both our summer and winter events directly through us by either email or phone call. We like to offer tailor-made experiences in agreement with our clients’ wishes so, prior to the tour, we will initiate a discussion regarding the different possible tour options available, based on the clients’ experience and fitness level.

Is insurance included in the price of the tour?

Insurance is not included. Therefore, we suggest that each participant have insurance that covers alpine accidents, especially related to MTB and Backcountry activities. We suggest that you visit the following websites for more information regarding insurance: Clubul Alpin Austriac or Clubul Alpin Roman.

Can I bring my own splitboard or skis when joining one of your tours?

Yes, we offer guided tours for both renters and owners. Thus, our tour prices do not include costs for rental equipment, they are separate.

Where do we meet up with our guide?

We usually meet the day before the tour at our office. Your guide will meet you either on that day or the day of the event. Depending on the chosen experience, you will receive a meeting point location through Google maps. We always meet up in accessible areas such as parking lots, markets, public places, or near roads.

Will I need a car to get to the starting point of the tour?

This depends on what tour we are going on that day. Most of our winter tours require participants to have their own transportation as we do not provide transport services. For our summer tours, depending on the location where they take place, we can provide shuttle assistance for your bikes when necessary.

Can children participate in your hosted activities?

Unaccompanied children can participate in the following activities: splitboard lessons, snowboard lessons, ski lessons. Children must be accompanied by an adult for the following activities: MTB guided tours and Backcountry tours.

Where can the SUP equipment be picked up from?

Our SUP gear must be picked up in Brașov. We are not able to send it through any courier service.

Can I bring my own mountainbike when joining one of your tours?

Yes, we offer guided tours for both renters and owners. Thus, our tour prices do not include costs for rental equipment, they are separate.

Do you only host half-day and single-day tours? Do you host longer tours, between 3-7 days long?

We offer a wide range of package options for multi-day packages, as well as for single tours. Our MTB camping adventures vary in duration and can be 2 days tours, 7 days tours in Romania and abroad, 3 days eMTB tours, etc.

How many bicycles can you transport by trailer or shuttle?

Our trailer can transport up to 10 bicycles at the same time. (eMTBs, Full Suspension Bikes, 27.5″ and 29″)

This season, go Massif!

Learn from quality members of the community, licensed tour guides while you up your game as much as possible this season. For any information contact us through direct message or email. We will be more than glad to help!

Our Team

Marius Stratila

Marius Stratila

Massif Experience Founder | Backcountry Guide & MIAS Mountain Bike Leader
Ciprian Popescu

Ciprian Popescu

Mountain Bike Instructor
Andrei Rotariu

Andrei Rotariu

Massif Experience Guide | Aspirant Backcountry guide & PR Lead
Andreea Hertanu

Andreea Hertanu

Mountain guide and Ski instructor | AGMR
Raul Dorobant

Raul Dorobant

Piatra Craiulului Local Guide | MIAS Mountain Bike Leader Poiana Brasov Resort Ski instructor
Mircea Danalache

Mircea Danalache

Ski and snowboard instructor | Poiana Brasov
Mihai Stoian

Mihai Stoian

Massif Experience Guide | Aspirant MTB Guide

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    You’re an experienced mountain biker, comfortable on most types of terrain. You ride at least twice a week through the season and will have a go at moderate technical features, such as rock gardens, small drops, roots and steep singletrack

    You are confident handling most types of trails and obstacles, including drops, logs, switchbacks, larger rock gardens and sustained technical singletrack. You ride at least 3 times a week and rarely get off and walk sections

    You can tackle anything the trail throws at you and have experience of riding all types of trail and obstacles (large, loose rocks, roots, drop-offs, logs, north shore, steep chutes…). You ride 4+ times per week, in all weathers, and you’re happy to ride all day long, for several consecutive days