A Week Of Mountain Biking Transformed Into A Lifetime Memory

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We’re halfway through October and we’re still getting tours with people eager to mountain bike in the Carpathians!

The highlight of this month was an amazing group of 10 friends from Israel that have been planning to visit for several months. Every year, they ride in different bike parks in Europe. This year’s pick: the Mecha of mountain biking in Romania, Brasov.

They emailed different MTB tour operators but decided we’re the right fit for the job.

We scheduled several Zoom meetings to discuss the details of their tours, such as their riding level, the places they want to visit, the bikes they want to ride, and what’s their favorite beer.

Our mission was simple: we wanted to make sure they were about to have as much fun as humanly possible.

We picked our riders up from the airport and dropped them off in Sinaia, where our journey was about to begin the very next day.

Group of 10 Israeli friends

Day one: Breaking The Ice In Sinaia Bike Park

We knew all of our 10 riders knew their way around trails, but we wanted them to get accustomed to their bikes. We started off slow in Sinaia and took the cable car to Cota 2000. We hopped on our e-bikes with one destination in mind, Omu Peak!

We reached the top, and after a well-deserved break, we were all ready to ride downhill.

A couple of puddles here and there didn’t stop anyone from showing off their skills. In fact, we were lucky enough to have the trails all for ourselves (no offense, hikers) precisely because of the weather!

October will have to try harder to stop us.

Day two: Swift Change Of Plans

Azuga was meant to be in the spotlight on our second day, but because of some technical problems with the cable cars, we had to make a swift change of plans.

Everything happens for a reason, but we just couldn’t let the day go by.

There are over 30 trailheads in and around Brasov, so we rode the best ones from Poiana Brasov to Brasov. Needless to say, our guests were over the moon with our backup plan.

We got ourselves a well-deserved pizza from one of our favorite restaurants in town and we dropped off our group at Hotel Alpin where they were spending the night.

four mountain bikers climbing a trail

Day three: The Day We’ve All Been Waiting For

The third day of the tour was all about Postavaru Bike Park, the feat everyone was eager to get to. We got up in the morning and all we did was ride, ride, ride!

Jumps, trails, pump tracks, berms, wall rides, and everything else you could think of were subject to our desire to send it.

We were impressed with our guests. Our guests were impressed with us. And we were all impressed with how good this bike park turned out.

Day four: A Break From Shredding Trails

We’ll say we took a break from shredding trails, but in reality, we just decided to kick back and relax with some mellow rides. Day four was about appreciating Romania’s beauty and culture.

Equipped with two 4×4 vans, a bike trailer, and e-bikes for everyone, we started our journey to the Saxon Villages. We dropped everyone off in Criț and from there we rode bikes to Viscri. We visited a couple of locals and our puppy eyes convinced them to let us try some of the traditional food they were cooking outside.

We checked out the Fortified Church in Viscri, admired the surroundings and the rural life, and headed back to Criț on a different route.

The day finished with a couple of beers, a traditional dish, sore muscles, and a lot of laughs.

Going downhill on a mountain bike

Day five: Sightseeing And Mountain Biking

We decided this day will be a perfect balance between sightseeing and mountain biking. Piatra Craiului Mountains was our headquarters, and we would do business on all trails surrounding the area.
We climbed up to Curmatura Cabin, celebrated our achievement, and went downhill to Prapastiile Zarnestiului on single tracks.

We were lucky enough to have the weather on our side once again, and we made sure to capture a few snapshots that’ll remain a memento of this successful tour.

A group of 10 people sightseeing and biking

Day six: One Last Ride

The 6-day tour was coming to an end and our guests wanted to get another taste of Postavaru Bike Park. This time, however, we took it a step further and tried some of the more complex trails in the park.

Every feature was a challenge, but they were no match for our riders. Even when everyone was drained, something in them asked for more. Anyway, we decided to have one last ride, for the second time.

Despite all the mountain biking from the last few days, we were still thinking about bikes, so we spent the night in Brasov watching the National Downhill Finals.

A mountain biker going downhill on single track

Day seven: A Day Without Bikes

For the first day in a week, our friends from Israel did not hop on a bike first thing in the morning.

We picked them up from their hotel and dropped them off at Therme in Bucharest. Sauna, hot baths, swimming pools, and cocktails helped them forget the fact that their vacation was almost over.

We shook hands and promised to keep in touch the next time they come to Romania.

Ten mountain bike riders from Israel

Never Too Old For Mountain Biking

This group of 10 was impressive not just because they knew how to ride bikes way better than what we’re seeing locally.

They were impressive because at their age, little to no people are still interested in doing any sport, let alone a sport that’s so draining.

The oldest rider in the group was 71 years old! To get a better grasp of that number, think of what most seniors are doing at that age, and let your jaws drop.

Point is, you’re never too old to be active.

The mountain biking season is coming to an end, but don’t despair!

We’re starting to unpack our winter gear, and we have a crowded season ahead. If you want to join us on a backcountry trip or schedule your mountain bike tour for the next season, book your adventure now!

Our custom tours will ensure you’re getting a mountain biking tour in the Carpathian Mountains that’s made exclusively for you!

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